What is Esports ?

Competitive video-gaming performed typically by teams in venues from internet cafes to gigantic national stadiums across the world. The big tournaments are typically streamed via OTT to millions of viewers globally. Major corporate sponsors are rapidly re-allocating marketing dollars and sponsorship into this fast-growing spectator phenomenon. 


The total eSports global audience hit 380 million audience this year (Newzoo). This means the number of eSports fans is now approaching that of international rugby and the NFL, with total audience base projected to grow to 550 million by 2021.


The largest and fastest growing eSports audience is in Asia, with revenues projected to climb from 906 million in 2018 to 1650 by 2021 or 82% growth (Statista.com).


Viewership for League of Legends finals in 2018 reached 200 million, almost doubling that of 2017. This has surpassed the finals of the NBA and the NFL Super Bowl.


Yes Media – AOE (“Area of Effect”) Plan


Starting in 2019, Yes Media and major regional partners will launch a comprehensive eSports ecosystem comprising venues, low-latency connectivity, TV and OTT coverage, and App. Stay tuned for more information and news.

TV. OTT. eSports. Across Asia.